Drones mean a quantum leap for surveying. They provide eyes that can reach and hover above specific sites. Their height and cameras can be adjusted remotely. And, equipped with sensors, they can measure, transmit and store data.



Drones in academia can add value to every phase of a project. From the surveying phase, to the design phase, into the construction phase and all the way through completion of the project and as-built phase. Time has come to get equipped with a new industrial skill by including it in the curriculum of surveying labs for the students and get students industrial ready.


How drones can be used?

 Our Drone can be utilized by Students and Faculty of Various Engg Discipline such as Civil Engg, Dept Of Geology & Geo- Informatics. Capturing topographic data with a drone is Faster as compared to the conventional methods and requires less manpower With PPK geo-tagging, you also save time, as placing numerous GCPs is no longer necessary. You ultimately deliver your survey/mapping results faster and at a lower cost.


The ability for project stakeholders to have accurate, real-time project data throughout all project phases means that collaboration is more efficient, which helps identify and mitigate obstacles as they arise, saving time and money.