Major project executed


Automatic Gear Inspection System


Supply and Commissioning of Gear Type Detection system Interfaced with Line PLC (Siemens S7-300) at TATA MOTORS . Images are acquired over GIGAByte Ethernet Camera and they are Processed in real time for Gear type detection on a FPGA based card in P.C . Image Processing software was Built on LabVIEW Platform.


UAV/Drone for Ropeway Trolley Monitoring and round the clock Surveillance.


Supply & Pilot Training with Ninja Micro drone at  Hindalco Industries. Company is Engaged in Various Mining Activities and Material is transported over Trolley car through Valleys & Hills . Conventional Ways of tower Maintenance is quiet cumbersome and time consuming . wheres new drones help Client  to easily Monitor Trolley tower structure , material Movement , Mining activity ,etc in a very short period of time Thus saving Valuable money and avoiding Manpower Safety hazard



Single-Molecule FRET Imaging with 2 nano meter Resolution


Software  Development for Imaging Sub cellular Component Like DNAs, Proteins,enzymes etc with Single Molecular resolution for obtaining conformation of alteration at SINP( Saha Institute of Nuclear physics, Kolkata). We Interfaced Andor Ixon Camera, Evolve 512 Delta camera along with Multiple Syringe Pumps . The Setup was designed for simultaneous Pumping of fluid and Image capturing for further Analysis. The Complete Setup was Designed in LabVIEW and VC++ on OEM SDK under the guidance of Dr. Padmaja Prasad Mishra.


UAV/Drone for the academia


Supply of Ninja micro drone and it’s Training for Operation & Maintenance at CAD Center of Jadavpur University ,Kolkata and JSPM Engg College, Pune. Drone means a Quantum Leap in the Field of Surveying and GIS Mapping . Our Drone can be utilized by Students and Faculty of Various Engg Discipline such as Civil Engg, Dept Of Geology & Geo- Informatics. Capturing topographic data with a drone is Faster as compared to the conventional methods and requires less manpower With PPK geo-tagging, you also save time, as placing numerous GCPs is no longer necessary. You ultimately deliver your survey/mapping results faster and at a lower cost.


Data Acqusition System


High Speed Data Logging for Hot Strip Mill

Supply of Data Logging System for mill stand of Hot strip mill at SAIL, Bokaro Steel Plant, Bokaro. The DAQ System can simultaneously Records 32 Channels of Analogue Input( + 10 Vdc),32 Channels of Digital Inputs (24 Vdc)@ 1 Millisecond .Data Was recorded in a Custom Data format (.Dat) and can be displayed over web on real time basis.


Web Guiding System


Commissioning  of Web Guiding System make “Nereco, Japan” at Skin Pass Mill of Bokaro Steel Plant in tension Reel/Recoiler. The Web Guiding System Measures the Lateral Change in Strip Position at a Speed of 500 MPM and Directs Recoiler Hydraulic System to  Follow Change in strip Position. This system Ensures that Recoiler wall winding is Precisely Flat.




3D Scanner for Research & Development

Design, Installation & Commissioning of Indigenous Table Top Three Dimensional scanner for CSIR,NML. A Scanner with a scanning resolution of 0.01 mm.The Scanner is Equipped with GMI Sensing probe whcih sense /measures the change in Magnetic Property of any Material.The Scanner was Designed & Developed for evaluation of Carburisation effect in Non magnetic Stainless steel SS304. We design and Commissioned the complete Scanner including  It’s software on LabVIEW Platform. GMI Senor Probe Were provide By CSIR,National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur.

bottle filling simulation

Bottling plant simulator for Beverages Industry


Design, Engineering, Installation & commissioning of Bottling Plant simulator Equipped with Automatic Bottle Positioning System, Vision Inspection system for Bottle Inspection. Unit designed for 100 Bottle Filling /Hour :- Installed at M/s Indo-Danish Tool Room, Jamshedpur.