Construction Progress Monitoring

3D modelling and topography assessment

Live drone-enabled construction progress monitoring enhances the speed and accuracy of building modelling and plans while ensuring total adherence to the plans along with workplace safety.

Make highly accurate Building Information Models (BIM)

Create highly accurate 3D modelling with detailed drone-based surveillance. Dynamic camera and drone controls enable deep analysis of all elements of architectural engineering and construction.

Get high-quality reports with perfect drone-enabled photogrammetry

AIncrease actionable insights with drone-enabled photogrammetry, perfect identification of dimensions of land, units, material, etc. using HD aerial photography. Get superior results in less than 1/4th the time of regular construction area assessments.


Monitor and document the construction work progress with high precision

In a connected world, ensure drone-enabled detailed monitoring and documentation of all construction progress. Maintain high transparency and confidence with all stakeholders with visual status updates.

Live monitoring for critical and preemptive corrections

Easily spot each error or problem before they become big. Our drones would reach all altitudes and perspectives to help fix these ‘anomalies’ preemptively before they escalate. Streamline your operations and ensure total adherence to the plans with live drone monitoring.

Ensure total workplace safety by quickly assessing activity risks

Drone surveillance helps in assessing the risks of all activities before engaging any human in said activities. Ensure that all systems are performing properly and all problems are fixed in time, with live drone-enabled updates, to minimize all workplace risks.


Total construction progress management and tracking

ideaForge drones have been repeatedly cited as best-in-their-class with high-endurance and better flight control. Stay on-top of each element of your construction process with these industry-leading drones.

Fast and high impact insights with ruggedized drones

deaForge drones fly faster, longer and better giving more surveying, mapping and surveillance of the construction zones per flight. Gain superior intelligence, live progress report, detect anomalies and direct resources with these high-end drone insights.

High endurance automated drone flights

Totally field-ready in multiple industrial use-cases, ideaForge drones boast of high-endurance to tackle arid or adverse climates, wind disturbances, treacherous terrains, etc. with ease. Get consistent high-grade and actionable results with each flight.