Data Acquisition System


We offer Various Types of Data Logging & Measurement System On National Instruments Hardware and LabVIEW based Software Platform. They can be broadly classifieds as:

  • PC Based measurement system
  • Real time Controller Based Measurement System(NI cRIO)
  • HI-Speed PXI based Control and measurement system (NI PXI)


NI DAQ  System Facilitate measurement of Various Physical phenomenon in the Form of Electrical Voltages/Current. viz Pressure,Temprature,Flow,Stress,Strain,Vibration,Noise,Humidity,Conductivity,etc. in the form of +/- 10 Vdc, 4-20 mA, 1000 millivolts Supported Protocols are Ethernet,Profinet,Profibus,RS485,RS232,Modbus,USB & Wireless Solutions.

PC Based measurement system

pcbased measurement

In a PC-based measurement and control system, DAQ cards are connected to your PC or laptop through USB or Ethernet. This kind of system has two main architectures: directly connect a multifunction I/O device to your PC or connect a CompactDAQ Chassis to your PC, and populate this chassis with conditioned I/O modules. CompactDAQ provides the most customizable solution with direct sensor connectivity.  

pc based

Real time Controller Based  cRIO Measurement System


NI CompactRIO system is a controller with a processor and user-programmable FPGA which is populated with one or more conditioned I/O modules from NI. These modules provide direct sensor connectivity and specialty functions. CompactRIO is available in both a rugged industrial form factor and board-level design.


HI-Speed PXI based Control and measurement system


In a PXI system, a chassis provides power, cooling, and a communication bus for modular instruments or I/O modules. You can control these modules from either an embedded controller or an external PC, using one or several of NI’s specialized engineering software tools to customize your system.


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