Development of Special Purpose Machine


We expertise on design and development of Special purpose Machine for Industry & Academia. Our Approach is to convert idea in to a Real World Machine. We provide Assistance from thought Process up to Commissioning.


We have a designed A Simulator for M/S Indo Danish Tool Room for the Simulation of bottling process in Beverage Industry. The simulator consists of Moving Conveyor Belt, Water Filling Station, and Smart Camera for Inspection. The Bottles moves from One End to another get Filled and are inspected for Level/Impurities. A Pass Fail System has been employed for Selection and Rejection of Bottles. Our Scope of Supply was to design and Erect complete structure which includes Hardware like mechanical Structure of Bottling station, Conveyor belts etc. Electronics control System Including Motors, AC Drive, cRIO, Smart Camera etc. Software for Plant operation and Control.


We have also developed a Special Purpose Three Dimensional Scanner with GMI Sensing Device. The Scanner Scan Object on All three Dimension X, Y & Z using GMI Probe on a scanning resolution of 0.001mm. The GMI Sensing probe measures the change in Magnetic Property of any Material .The Scanner was Designed & Developed for Nonmagnetic Stainless steel Property Study mostly due to the effect of carburization in SS304. The Sensor was developed indigenously and the GMI sensing probe was made on the Design Provided by M/s NNL, Jamshedpur.