High Speed Data Acquisition System

We offer a High Speed Data Acquisitions and Control system for Process industry and Academia. The DAQ is capable of measuring all Physical phenomena in Real Time using suitable sensor and transducers, For Example Pressure,Temprature,Acceleration,Noise,Vibration,Voltage,Current,Load cell, Strain Gauges, Power Harmonics, etc. The Data Logging speed is offered in Millisecond, Microsecond and Nano second.

Advantages of Our Data Acquisition system are as follows:-

One Software Platform for All Kind of Controller i.e. PXI, PCI, USB, Serial, FPGA.

  • Support All Kind Of sensor, Can provide excitation voltage to Transducer i.e. Strain Gauge, Load cell, etc.
  • Support All Kind of Client/Server and Chain Network protocol Such as Modbus, Profibus, Rs232/485, etc.
  • Provision of Data Logging in controller with Internal as well As External Hard Disk connected to Logger.
  • Faster Data Transmission on Client Server Architecture. The DAQ Hardware Transmits data over Gigabit Ethernet Network (1000 MBPS).
  • Wireless Data Transmission using WI-FI, GSM, 3G, Bluetooth, Infrared, Intranet/Internet Network.
  • Flexibility of Customized Data recording and Reporting. User can store data in TDMS, CSV, Binary, etc.
  • Customized Report Generation using NI- Diadem as well as report generation on MS-office Suit Excel, Access, Word, etc.