Security & surveillance

Secure your surroundings with live surveillance

Knowledge is power. Instant, targeted and live updating knowledge is an advantage. Our drones give you the advantage over all minuscule or extreme threats.

Live video stream all activities in sensitive zones

Our high performance drones with class-leading endurance and range can stream live video back to your base to give you critical on-ground situational awareness.

Automate your surveillance with intelligent waypoints

Scan and map multiple locations to which our drones would fly. Want to move the drone around different strategic points? Just set the waypoints and click. Our drone will do the rest.


Target detection and follow capabilities with live heat mapping

Execute ISR operations with ease with our drone’s pitch-perfect performance. Arm your response teams with invaluable information and tactical advantages.

Live heat mapping! Spot all activities no matter how they are hidden

White-hot, black-hot, or gradient heat mapping. Expertly switch between screens to gain strategic high ground to all your threats. Empower your response teams with live video support and help them win.

Lock-on to moving targets for total surveillance

Target on the run? Lock-on our drone to it with one-click and ensure the target never leaves your sight. Boost your on-ground missions with live activity tracking.


UAV/Drone for Surveillance


Surveillance is the close observation of a person, group of people, behaviours, activities, infrastructure, building etc for the purpose of managing, influencing, directing, or protecting. There are several different methods of surveillance, including GPS tracking, camera observation, stake-outs, data mining and profiling, and biometric surveillance among others.


Industrial operations face constant safety and security threats, which require real-time response solutions that provide rapid, precise and reliable situational awareness. Security operations are simplified with pre-defined missions, and emergency response is enhanced through on-demand availability. The completely automatic platform autonomously deploys and lands the drone, and collects aerial data to be processed and analyzed. Real-time aerial video and photos are delivered directly to personnel on the ground, enabling more informed decision making in times of emergency situations or during routine patrols.


Make surveillance your strength across industries

Track live threats along the border, spot faults on railway lines, scope out mining potential quickly or save man-power with precision agriculture.

Live surveillance boosts productivity in every industry

From saving lives to saving millions in assets and wealth. Live and automated drone surveillance add the necessary advantage whether you are in defence, railways, oil and gas, mining, construction, or energy.

Versatile Drone ‘endurance’ to fit every requirement

Flying in the toughest of scenarios with the longest in-category flight times around the world makes our drones truly versatile. Across speeds and altitudes, our drones cover all instances and requirements perfectly.