Solutions We Offer

machine vission
Machine Vision (Smart Camera based Inspection System)

We offer an advanced state of the art Camera Based machine Vision & Image processing system for process Industries. The systems deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at higher speed, without defects and at lower cost.

Automation system for process control(HMI & SCADA)

We Offer an Advance PAC based intelligent Process control System for Steel, Power and Automotive Industries. The System is based on NI PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) along With HMI/SCADA developed in LabVIEW.

High Speed Data Acquisition System

We offer a High Speed Data Acquisitions and Control system for Process industry and Academia. The DAQ is capable of measuring all Physical phenomena in Real Time using suitable sensor and transducers, For Example Pressure,Temprature,Acceleration,Noise,Vibration,Voltage,Current,Load cell, Strain Gauges, Power Harmonics, etc.

Machine Condition Monitoring System

Condition monitoring systems (CMS) monitor equipment degradation over a Period of Time and we Provide Solution for Predictive Maintenance System. For predictive Maintenance a Continuous Measurement of Speed, Torque, Vibration, Noise, Acceleration, Velocity, Power etc is monitored.

Development of Special Purpose Machine

We expertise on design and development of Special purpose Machine for Industry & Academia. Our Approach is to convert idea in to a Real World Machine. We provide all required  Assistance in converting ideas into an equipment.

Surveying and Mapping

Our UAVs are forged to transform your surveying and mapping operations with accurate insights for in-depth project planning at reduced costs, time and manpower and enhanced personnel safety.


Get crucial on-ground situational awareness in defence and homeland security with our high performance drones that deliver stellar results in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Construction Process Monitoring

Track and monitor site progress, oversee movement of workforce and material and generate irrefutable audit reports for all stakeholders with ease with our best-in-class UAVs that generate high quality data at affordable costs.


Inspect large industrial assets, hard-to-reach areas and hazardous zones with our ruggedized industrial UAVs across sectors such as power generation, transmission and distribution, oil and gas, solar energy and logistics to name of a few.