UAVs/Drones based Solutions

Drones are a valuable addition to any industrial facility’s efforts, enabling limitless aerial perspective. The possibilities for drones to create real value are endless.


Drones open up new opportunities and generate efficiencies in industries such as mining, sea ports, oil & gas and other large industrial facilities. They have emerged as incredibly powerful, versatile industrial tools capable of completing a wide range of applications. Industry professionals are increasingly using drones to improve and optimize industrial processes as well as enhance operational efficiencies. Drones can be employed during various phases of the facility’s lifecycle. The nearly limitless visibility, data gathering and analyzing capabilities make automated drones valuable for several industry sectors.




Drones are uniquely qualified to capture aerial data for consistent use at large industrial facilities, enabling rapid and seamless data collection fueling informed business decision processes. An automated drone system increases efficiency by eliminating the need for a drone operator, while providing seamless access to routine, frequent and real-time data. ideaForge automated drone system collects aerial-data and serves as a valuable tool for organizations introducing large-scale automation of operations.   Automated drones are capable of completing a wide range of applications.


Automated drones can be used in oil & gas facilities for security, surveillance, emergency response and infrastructure inspection. In sea ports, drones can perform applications such as mapping, surveying, operational oversight, port monitoring and traffic control. In mining operations, drones can be utilized in stockpile management, tailings dams, inspections and more